Physician Dispensing

With traditional “pharmacy dispensing,” a doctor writes a prescription for a patient, and the patient takes it to a pharmacy to have the prescription fulfilled. With “point-of-care dispensing” AKA “physician dispensing” AKA “in-office dispensing” doctors, medical practitioners, or physicians supply prescription medication directly to their patients at the time of care.

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Point-of-care dispensing

Point-of-care-dispensing is a high-value, low cost and safe way to improve patient outcomes, offer additional convenience to patients while adding supplemental revenue to your practice. It’s a win-win for both the patient and the practice.

When you dispense medication to the patient at your practice, they avoid the added step of going to the pharmacy, saving them time. This is particularly helpful for those patients with limited mobility or transportation.

With point-of-care dispensing patients are more likely to adhere to their therapy and reduces the risk of them not starting their therapy. In fact, studies have shown treatment compliance improvement from 60% to nearly 100%!

Happier Patients
Treatment  Improvement

Did you know?

Over 30% of prescriptions sent to pharmacies are never filled, and 40% of patients don’t adhere to their treatment plans.

Prescriptions Are
Never Filled
Adhere Therapy
Benefits of Physician Dispensing

Provider Benefits


Higher Revenue

How many patients leave your practice every day with a prescription? Depending on your specialty, you probably lose $500 to $5,000 to the pharmacy daily. You could be earning that revenue for your practice.



Point-of-care dispensing eliminates 80% of pharmacy call-backs. What could your practice do with that extra time? In-office dispensing can lower labor costs, decrease administrative burden, improve patient service, and increase office morale.


Competitive Advantage

Attract and retain patients by offering what other practices do not (and keep up with the ones who do).

Benefits of Physician Dispensing

Patient Benefits


Patient Care

When you dispense prescriptions in-house you have more time for patient care. With more hours in the day, you’ll be able to bring on new patients or spend more time on your existing patients, which is proven to improve clinical outcomes.


Patient Satisfaction

Your patients need convenience. Going to the doctor and pharmacy can take an entire day. In-house dispensing makes your practice more attractive to patients, keeping you ahead of the clinics that don’t have it and on par with those that do.


Treatment Adherence

Over 30% of prescriptions sent to pharmacies are never filled, and 40% of patients don’t adhere to their treatment plans. Point-of-care dispensing improves treatment compliance from 60% to nearly 100%. Better for your patients and your practice.


Patient Outcomes

Patients that are adherent to their medication regimens experience improved outcomes vs those that are not.

How’s it work

The experts at VerityRx are here to help. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get started. With the right license, our no-cost dispensing platform, and a printer your practice can be up and running a dispensing program in a surprisingly short time.

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