Our Markets

While each of our customers is unique, they share many common challenges and goals, and a desire to provide the best care possible for each of their patients.


Cash and Carry

Cash & carry (private pay) dispensing is the simplest, most common, efficient and profitable dispensing program available. Cash and carry dispensing offers patients a cost-competitive, convenient, and confidential alternative to going to a pharmacy.


Primary Care / General Practice

By providing better care and greater convenience you increase patient satisfaction, which leads to higher patient loyalty, better reviews, and referrals. Greater patient satisfaction + improved patient outcomes + practice profitability is truly a Win-Win-Win scenario.



Compliance and frequent follow-up are particularly critical in the treatment of many ophthalmic conditions including glaucoma, retinal disease and ocular surface disease. In-office
dispensing helps mitigate these risks.


Direct Primary Care

In-office dispensing is a simple, low-cost, and high-value addition to any direct care practice. Nearly 40% of prescriptions are never filled which can lead to worsening conditions and/or slower recoveries. In-office dispensing helps prevent this from occurring.


Urgent Care

A great fit for on-site dispensing. In-office dispensing provides real benefits to urgent care clinics. Patients that want fast, convenient care prefer not to make a separate trip to a pharmacy, waiting in line and waiting to have their prescription filled.


Pediatric Practices

As a pediatrician, your patient is the child and their family. You must treat the actual patient and you must educate the family to ensure the child gets their treatment. In-office dispensing can help tremendously and is just one of the reasons the American Academy of Pediatrics supports in-office dispensing.


Worker’s Compensation

The convenience of avoiding unnecessary trips to the pharmacy are even more significant for patients dealing with an injury and/or reduced mobility. Delays in care impair healing, impair return to function and return to work


Sports Medicine / Orthopedics

A “one-stop shop” helps ensure patients have total access to medications and other necessary supplies, supporting an uninterrupted plan of treatment. They can get their medication from you, get home, heal and recuperate.



Providing in-house pharmaceutical services can remove the worry over transportation issues for elderly, disabled and/or reduced mobility patients who may have to arrange for transportation.

At VerityRx we understand the complex environment of a physician’s practice and their role in fulfilling the critical needs of each patient, which is why we are dedicated to providing our customers the service and support needed so they can focus on what matters most, their patients

How’s it work

The experts at VerityRx are here to help. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get started. With the right license, our dispensing platform, and a printer; your practice can be up and running a dispensing program in a surprisingly short time.

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